No Pain, No Gain?

No Pain, No Gain?

No Pain No Gain. Meh…. Yes, some lazy fragile people will find it beneficial to understand you need to push further than you want to to stimulate your body. Understanding pressure is what makes you change. Listen…. It isn’t PAIN we’re looking for. Pain is NOT good. What you want is EXTREME DISCOMFORT. Yeah, I … Continue reading No Pain, No Gain?

Powerlifting 2 : The Bench Press

This is a touchy subject, however not as touchy as the deadlift. But we will get to that. The Bench Press is the second main powerlifting movement. What is The Bench Press? The Bench Press is an institution. Especially is you are a testosterone ridden young male in need of dominance establishment. “How much ya bench … Continue reading Powerlifting 2 : The Bench Press

Use Social Media To Stay Accountable

I have an instagram account called The Slow Method ( @theslowmethod). I basically post exercises and food. No very original I know, but that is basically what I do. I eat and exercise. And sleep, but that wouldn’t be very interesting... I like cooking, lifting weights, eating healthy and anything related to having a stronger, … Continue reading Use Social Media To Stay Accountable