Weightlifting Program Sheets

This is very long, ( about 2 500 words ) but it explains EVERYTHING. In my previous article I mentioned I would start adding more content on the mechanics of training. Today I’m going to give you my 10 week training cycle that is 99,99% Westside Barbell methods of training. I won’t say it’s their … Continue reading Weightlifting Program Sheets

How To Build A Bodyweight Training Program

Here it is. Your Personal (nearly) Everlasting Bodyweight Training Program. 100% free, 100% adaptable. Why am I doing this? Ask Gary Vee. I read Crush It a year ago (the audio version is awesome), recommended by Mark Bell and I’ve been trying to give as much as I could. But I’ve realised I’ve actually been holding … Continue reading How To Build A Bodyweight Training Program

Powerlifting 3 : The Deadlift

Here it is. The most fought over of them all, the deadlift! The fight has been going on for while now between conventional and sumo lifters. Conventional lifters see all the sumo dead lifters in competition lift more than them and call it cheating… If you have never tried to deadlift sumo and you call … Continue reading Powerlifting 3 : The Deadlift

Powerlifting 1 : The Squat

I will write a series of articles on powerlifting, and my take on the lifts and methods to get stronger in the three movements : The Squat, The Bench Press and the Deadlift. I know i know… there have been thousands of articles written on this topic, and that is still probably not enough. What … Continue reading Powerlifting 1 : The Squat


It's 2017, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My resolution was to start this blog and share what I've have learnt, and what I am currently learning. And for some of you, one of your resolutions might have been to start exercising.... So here is my quick take on the subject. You've decided that you want to take action … Continue reading TRAINING PRINCIPLES 101