Maybe You’re Just Tired We tell children to nap, force them to go to sleep early, even if they aren't tired, because we know what happens when they don’t sleep enough. They get erratic, angry, cry, run around,become violent, trip, throw tantrums. They basically become the worst version of themselves. An now look at you. Angry against everyone, … Continue reading Maybe You’re Just Tired

You’re Eating Because You’re Tired

Here is what i've noticed. My training sessions can get quite late, and I sometimes have to get up early. The latest I finish is 9pm, the earliest I start is 8am. It used to be later / earlier, but I realised I had to sleep more. So I just cut down expenses, and worked … Continue reading You’re Eating Because You’re Tired

Tiredness Breeds Tiredness

Partying too much? Going to bed later? Trying to do too many things at once? You’re probably too tired...I make the wrong choices when I get tired. When it's eating junk food, drinking alcohol on weekdays, wanting to go to the club, binge watching shows while looking at my phone... Yep, it all happens MORE … Continue reading Tiredness Breeds Tiredness

Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 1)

Most of us at some point in our lives have wanted or needed to lose weight. But that's not really what we wanted to do. Truth is we really wanted to lose FAT. Losing fat is not easy. If it as it wouldn’t be a multibillion dollar business. And on top of that it’s not … Continue reading Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 1)


So before I start saying something you already know, which is "you should sleep more", I must explain why this article means so much to me, and how I'm going to approach this sleeping question. Here's what happens when you read advice somewhere : Usually the writer tells you what to do, and you knew … Continue reading SLEEPING 101