How To Build A Diet

I think that with the thousands of fads and new science that is coming out, extremisms arising and the lack of diligence and patience when tackling things, it is getting extremely difficult to talk some sense into what people do. I include myself in “people”. I have gone down rabbit holes of intermittent fasting, and … Continue reading How To Build A Diet

12 Week Weight Loss Program

I’ve never been particularly lean because I’ve never been bothered by it. I’ve just spent six months eating relatively clean, but also not paying attention to portion sizes, and trying to not go hungry to put on some muscle mass. I have put on about 10 kg of mass over the past six months, some of … Continue reading 12 Week Weight Loss Program

Book Review : The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

This is a new section I'm testing out. I read a lot and always live to share my good finds. Let me know if you like these.  I came across this book because I was always thick. I was never the fat kid, but never the lean one either for two main reasons. I loooooove … Continue reading Book Review : The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf


This is a long article, I have highlighted the important information, so if you are impatient you can reap 80% of the results by following what has been highlighted. The holy grail myth.... If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for the holy grail of nutrition. The answer to all your … Continue reading NUTRITION 101