Get Drunk With Your Friends

I know this is a health and fitness blog, but it's also about truth. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to gather your friends up, and have a great night out. The one and only factor that is absolutely consistent across all centenarians isn’t just about diet and physical activity … Continue reading Get Drunk With Your Friends

Powerlifting 2 : The Bench Press

This is a touchy subject, however not as touchy as the deadlift. But we will get to that. The Bench Press is the second main powerlifting movement. What is The Bench Press? The Bench Press is an institution. Especially is you are a testosterone ridden young male in need of dominance establishment. “How much ya bench … Continue reading Powerlifting 2 : The Bench Press

Calories Count

So I’ve said in a previous article that calories didn’t matter as much as WHAT you were actually eating. Which stays true. There is an undoubtable benefit to eating mainly vegetables, nuts, good fats and protein, and having a little carbohydrates here and there, mainly as starches and fruit. And yes, when you do that … Continue reading Calories Count

There Are No Perfect Plans

Here you are, browsing the web in search of the best workout routine to get stronger, leaner, and more muscular as fast as you can with the least time involvement you can fathom. You are looking at the 12-week programs, the 8 week programs, and lo and behold!! you found a six week program! You … Continue reading There Are No Perfect Plans

Exercise Doesn’t Make You Healthy…

You heard it right. Exercise doesn't make you healthy.  This isn't clickbait. Exercising doesn't make you healthy. It can even make things worse for you if you aren't careful. Exercising is a stress inductor. It isn't the exercise itself that you are looking for but the response to the stress induced by exercise in your … Continue reading Exercise Doesn’t Make You Healthy…

Social Media Break

I just decided to have a one week social media break. Even though I enjoy spending time on them and sharing what I do, and also finding motivation, finding peers, reading good articles, the subconscious toll it takes on me is unmistakable.  Every year I take one to two non premeditated media breaks because I … Continue reading Social Media Break