On Not Doing

"Not-doing is very simple but very difficult. It is not a matter of understanding but of mastering it." - Don Juan, in Journey To Ixtlan, by Carlos Castaneda - I have started Time Restricted Eating, and something clicked in my mind. I was spending time eating when I didn't really need it. We all believe in … Continue reading On Not Doing

Turn Your Resolutions Into Projects

First of all Happy New Year 2019! So we all want to make this year better than the last one, try our best and sincerely vow to better ourselves. And it rarely sticks… and do you know why? because you have a resolution, but you don’t have a goal. What’s the difference? HAVING AN ACTUAL … Continue reading Turn Your Resolutions Into Projects

Sober November Results

Hey there! I like to drink. I think it’s fun, I think it tastes great. I associate it to social events, and I like the history of alcoholic beverages, and the whole process of making them. The only issue I have is that it’s a poison. Loss of motor control and throwing up are usually … Continue reading Sober November Results

Why I Write About Mindset So Much

I realise that most of my articles aren’t about the mechanics of training, and I am currently working on writing much more on HOW to do things instead of mindset. But here is why I write about mindset so much, and why you should still read articles that talk about it : Quoting Anthony Robbins … Continue reading Why I Write About Mindset So Much

Change Is A Slow Process

I should have written this article long ago. It probably should have been the first article I wrote. But I didn’t know at that time. I had a hint (yep.. the title of this bog IS the SLOW method), but I didn’t actually grasp what slow actually meant. Your life is a huge endeavour. You … Continue reading Change Is A Slow Process

Your Lies Will Chain You Down

I’m drifting away from fitness and nutrition here, as I mostly do it seems. I write about what I am thinking about, what issues i’ve been facing, and writing helps me solve them. Writing is taking the time to think about a problem, slowly. And taking the time on something helps me look at it … Continue reading Your Lies Will Chain You Down

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are…

This is one of those posts that I write because I find myself complaining, and then realise that I shouldn’t be. So I try to understand what got me to complain in the first place, and how to resolve the issue. This article is my answer. If you know Tony Robbins, a lot of concepts … Continue reading Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are…