You Are Not What You Were Labelled

Obese, Anorexic, Depressed, ADHD, weak, strong, fast, slow, dumb, smart, funny, messy, uptight... Those are what you call Labels. You CAN change who you are. These are descriptions of actions that have lead to a consequence. But it is reversible. Labelling things give them power. But you can claim that power back. This struck me … Continue reading You Are Not What You Were Labelled

The Truth About A Balanced Life

Finding how to be energised, relaxed, enthusiastic, healthy, productive, creative and strong can seem like a constant struggle. Being sandwiched between the needs and wants of the whole world and yours, it’s hard to make everyone satisfied. Actually it’s impossible. You are like a pendulum, swinging around a perfect centre, and life pushes you around … Continue reading The Truth About A Balanced Life

Intent and Patience

Each of these could be an article. But each line is a lesson I learnt. Have intent when you train. Be present. Be patient. Any progress is progress. Pushing too far will break you. Pushing too little is useless. Your progress is your progress. Do not compare it to others. Workouts are lessons.  Learn something at every lesson. … Continue reading Intent and Patience