Weightlifting Program Sheets

This is very long, ( about 2 500 words ) but it explains EVERYTHING. In my previous article I mentioned I would start adding more content on the mechanics of training. Today I’m going to give you my 10 week training cycle that is 99,99% Westside Barbell methods of training. I won’t say it’s their … Continue reading Weightlifting Program Sheets

How To Build A Bodyweight Training Program

Here it is. Your Personal (nearly) Everlasting Bodyweight Training Program. 100% free, 100% adaptable. Why am I doing this? Ask Gary Vee. I read Crush It a year ago (the audio version is awesome), recommended by Mark Bell and I’ve been trying to give as much as I could. But I’ve realised I’ve actually been holding … Continue reading How To Build A Bodyweight Training Program

How To Build A Diet

I think that with the thousands of fads and new science that is coming out, extremisms arising and the lack of diligence and patience when tackling things, it is getting extremely difficult to talk some sense into what people do. I include myself in “people”. I have gone down rabbit holes of intermittent fasting, and … Continue reading How To Build A Diet

Contract And Expand

Life doesn’t go in a straight line You know that, I know that. There are times of ups and downs, of rushing and slowing down, of happiness and despair, of pleasure and of pain. We are biological entities, we follow certain rules, but we believe we can break them. We believe we are better than … Continue reading Contract And Expand

Change Is A Slow Process

I should have written this article long ago. It probably should have been the first article I wrote. But I didn’t know at that time. I had a hint (yep.. the title of this bog IS the SLOW method), but I didn’t actually grasp what slow actually meant. Your life is a huge endeavour. You … Continue reading Change Is A Slow Process

12 Week Weight Loss Program

I’ve never been particularly lean because I’ve never been bothered by it. I’ve just spent six months eating relatively clean, but also not paying attention to portion sizes, and trying to not go hungry to put on some muscle mass. I have put on about 10 kg of mass over the past six months, some of … Continue reading 12 Week Weight Loss Program

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are…

This is one of those posts that I write because I find myself complaining, and then realise that I shouldn’t be. So I try to understand what got me to complain in the first place, and how to resolve the issue. This article is my answer. If you know Tony Robbins, a lot of concepts … Continue reading Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are…

Make A Good Plan And Stick To It

There are no special tricks or super hacks when it comes to getting stronger, faster, more endurant, and generally better at any sport. What it takes is a first decision. Having a goal. An attainable goal. Make a plan to achieve that goal at a certain date. Work backwards to today. Make a plan, and … Continue reading Make A Good Plan And Stick To It

The Truth About A Balanced Life

Finding how to be energised, relaxed, enthusiastic, healthy, productive, creative and strong can seem like a constant struggle. Being sandwiched between the needs and wants of the whole world and yours, it’s hard to make everyone satisfied. Actually it’s impossible. You are like a pendulum, swinging around a perfect centre, and life pushes you around … Continue reading The Truth About A Balanced Life