Don’t Try To Be Happy

If you haven’t been paying attention to your life, then maybe you should. I honestly don’t think happiness is the goal here. If I had to go back and reflect on my (short) life, I wouldn’t say I was happy most of the time. I had spurts of very happy moments. Some warm-comfy ones. Some … Continue reading Don’t Try To Be Happy

I Have Tried : The Wim Hof Method

I have been wanting to try this for a while now. I hesitated with the online program but when I saw a conference  was taking place nearby i figured "why the hell not?" 😃 I did not know what to expect from the Wim Hof Method THE EXPERIENCE : I got there around 11am, just … Continue reading I Have Tried : The Wim Hof Method

Getting Good At Losing Fat (Part 4)

4) Stress : So you’re wondering what this is about. Taking care of stress to lose fat? Really? Yes, really. Emotions produce discharges of neurotransmitters and hormones across your body. Adrenaline, cortisol and serotonin are just some of them. Body and mind are eternally linked, so omitting one will just mean disappointing results. Here are the … Continue reading Getting Good At Losing Fat (Part 4)

I tried Flotation Tanks

Hi there! This is a short account of what my experience of a flotation tank was like. I have been meditating regularly for a few years now, and I have been wanting to make my practise deeper. I tampered with deep trances which I will be writing about specifically, but this experience is quite similar … Continue reading I tried Flotation Tanks

Meditation 101

You've been wanting to practice meditation for years now. You're hearing more and more about how absolutely incredible it is for your mind, how it helps prevent illnesses due to chronic stress, such as heart disease and cancer..... and you still haven't gotten around to just sitting down and doing it.... We've all been there. … Continue reading Meditation 101