Getting Good At Losing Fat (Part 4)

4) Stress : So you’re wondering what this is about. Taking care of stress to lose fat? Really? Yes, really. Emotions produce discharges of neurotransmitters and hormones across your body. Adrenaline, cortisol and serotonin are just some of them. Body and mind are eternally linked, so omitting one will just mean disappointing results. Here are the … Continue reading Getting Good At Losing Fat (Part 4)

Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 3)

3)  Exercise The dream we all have is "Eat anything we want and outwork it". It doesn’t work very well... That apple you just ate means running for 12 minutes at 10 km/h or 6 miles per hour. You aren’t winning this race. Nowadays even powerlifters and strong men eat clean to be less fat, healthier and … Continue reading Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 3)