Breaking Plateaus In Training : The De-Load

There are several principes one has to follow in order to be proficient in lifting weights, or getting stronger. This is relevant to gymnastics training, bodyweight training, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and if you are natural, Bodybuilding. One of those principes is Rest, or super compensation. Today we are going to look at a specific way you can super compensate a training cycle by integrating what is called a De-Load phase

Maybe You ARE “Some People”

Quarter Rep

Have you ever wondered who “They” are. You know Those People. The ones who text when they drive. That don't pick up after their dogs. That get too close to you when you are standing in line. The ones that wait to cross a street ON THE STREET instead of standing on the sidewalk. The ones that stand in front of opening doors on the subway and try to get on before anyone comes off. That speak too loud in restaurants, that don’t apologise when they bump into you. Do you know who those People are? I have been thinking about it for a few weeks and have come to realisation.....

Sit Down Less

About two months ago, I started having back pain. And this was becoming a constant issue. I never had back pain. Nothing chronic anyway, not something that was nagging me every morning, and all day long. I thought maybe the training was incorrect but nothing seemed to explain what was going on.  But that wasn’t it. A few weeks ago have I figured it out.