Sit Down Less

About two months ago, I started having back pain. And this was becoming a constant issue. I never had back pain. Nothing chronic anyway, not something that was nagging me every morning, and all day long. I thought maybe the training was incorrect but nothing seemed to explain what was going on.  But that wasn’t it. A few weeks ago have I figured it out.

10 Tips To Help You Choose Your Personal Trainer

In this era of social media networking and of exposure, you must have wondered if hiring a personal trainer was good idea to try and accelerate your results, start off correctly, get a program, good technique and accountability. The answer is simple : YES But how do you figure out if you’ve hired the right … Continue reading 10 Tips To Help You Choose Your Personal Trainer

Mobility 101

What : Mobility differentiates itself from flexibility in the sense that we are still working on range of motion, but introduce movement, therefore muscle contraction, to the equation.   You need to read Stretching Basics (click here) from this blog to fully appreciate the content here. Once you have regained some flexibility, and the capacity to … Continue reading Mobility 101

Trance 2 : Independance

My First Trance happened instinctively, but I decoded to go into my second. 

I followed the same protocol. Went into the jacuzzi at my local swimming pool on a day I knew there weren’t going to be a lot of people around, sat down, closed my eyes, and envisioned going down 20 steps onto the luminous platform that was the entry point to my subconscious. 

I went down the twenty steps and to my surprise the platform wasn’t empty...

6 simple Rules To Train Optimally

When you start a training program, you can run into several issues that all impede progress. The main issue being that you overtrain. This may sound absurd, but it is more rare that people overtrain than undertrain when they actually start exercising on a consistent basis. Why? Because as soon as you see results piling … Continue reading 6 simple Rules To Train Optimally