Stretch The Bar In The Bench Press

I heard about this about 4 years ago, and to be quite honest I had no clue what it meant. I UNDERSTOOD what it meant, tried to apply it, consistently, but never really got it. I thought it was a magic trick to increase my bench instantly, but it didn’t do anything except confuse me. … Continue reading Stretch The Bar In The Bench Press

Social Media Fast (Part 2) Weekend

See part 1  Here are the results of the Social Media Free weekend :  It was really enjoyable… but it didn’t drastically change things either. The best part was having a breakfast chat instead of zoning out into the abyss of content offered by Instagram and Facebook. The mindless upward swipe, like, swipe, comment was … Continue reading Social Media Fast (Part 2) Weekend

Social Media Fast (Part 1)

My girlfriend and I are going to try and stay away from social media on weekends. We have been implementing a social media fast from 10:30pm onwards, and we’ve deeply reconnected. Simply chatting, and playing around, having fun by cutting off our webilical chord. The issue we have on weekends is that we REST. We … Continue reading Social Media Fast (Part 1)

Why A Personal Trainer Can Change Your Life.

You have been pushing back the dreaded moment you exercise for more than a year. Every time you get back to training, it goes either goes terribly and you quit for another year, or it goes great for about three weeks, and then for some mysterious reason you stop, or you injure yourself. It’s time … Continue reading Why A Personal Trainer Can Change Your Life.

Turn Your Resolutions Into Projects

First of all Happy New Year 2019! So we all want to make this year better than the last one, try our best and sincerely vow to better ourselves. And it rarely sticks… and do you know why? because you have a resolution, but you don’t have a goal. What’s the difference? HAVING AN ACTUAL … Continue reading Turn Your Resolutions Into Projects

Christmas Message

Good morning to everyone! And Happy Hangover! This is a simple message to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and I would like to suggest you take this time to cut your phone off, take pictures if you want but more importantly look at that beloved one, talk to them, deeply, truthfully, about eveything. … Continue reading Christmas Message

Sober November Results

Hey there! I like to drink. I think it’s fun, I think it tastes great. I associate it to social events, and I like the history of alcoholic beverages, and the whole process of making them. The only issue I have is that it’s a poison. Loss of motor control and throwing up are usually … Continue reading Sober November Results

Maybe You’re Just Tired We tell children to nap, force them to go to sleep early, even if they aren't tired, because we know what happens when they don’t sleep enough. They get erratic, angry, cry, run around,become violent, trip, throw tantrums. They basically become the worst version of themselves. An now look at you. Angry against everyone, … Continue reading Maybe You’re Just Tired